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十三姨酸菜魚 四川菜 麻酸 香辣

Auntie 13 Kitchen

Auntie 13 comes from a fisherman’s family at the riverside, she is the youngest in her family, but the most sophisticated. Local people especially care about nostalgia, at the birthdays of elders, banquets with nine cuisines and the best ingredients will be prepared and served to neighborhoods.

Although the life of Auntie 13 was not rich, after selling all the big fish, she would always keep the small tender fish and share with her neighborhoods. In a banquet, a neighbor poor man who made pickled cabbage and radish for a living could only give the best pickled cabbage in his home as a present, he kept apologizing. Auntie 13 did not mind at all, and was inspired to cook boiled fish with pickled cabbage, the man felt being cared about. Surprisingly, when the guests of the banquet tried the dish, they ate all happily.

After that, this dish of boiled fish with pickled cabbage has become a nostalgic dish which is served in banquets held by many families, it promotes the native cooking skill of the villagers making pickled cabbage, and highlights the flavor of riverside tender fish, it is a match made in heaven.

Later, Auntie 13 left her home and went to Hong Kong alone, sometimes she gathered with her friends living outside their homes, and cooked boiled fish with pickled cabbage which she was good at to comfort home sick. Today, this traditional nostalgic taste is passed on, promoting the unique hometown food and beverage culture.

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