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Kam Kee Cafe

Kam Kee Cafe was a sidewalk snack booth located in Shau Kei Wan. In 1967, Mr. Chan Gui Chou rented and opened a classic Hong Kong Cafe at Shau Kei Wan Road. For more than 50 years, Mr. Chan has insisted on being a brand with “Golden Signboard”with brand trust and providing quality products, hence the Cafe is called Kam Kee Cafe, which loosely translates to "Gold's Cafe".

Kam Kee Cafe has witnessed the rise and fall of Hong Kong. However, it was closed  due to rental pressure and Mr. Chan decided to retire. Mr. Ray Chui Man-wai is determined to perpetuate this collective memory of Hong Kong people, preserving Kam Kee Cafe and the traditional decoration, as well as the human touch and customers. The all-time favorite “Bovril” and “Cocoa” are kept in the menu to preserve the tradition. Meanwhile, Kam Kee Cafe is constantly innovating to cater to the taste of the new generation and adding new menus that are healthy and creative. While cherishing the current customers,  Kam Kee Cafe also attracts the new generation.


Kam Kee Cafe insists on nurturing talents and the core value of human touch. We adopt an innovative electronic system-based business model and new technology to improve operational efficiency and keep up with the trend.

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