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Kam Kee Catering Group

Kam Kee Catering Group is dedicated to preserving Hong Kong’s traditional cafe culture, developing diversified cuisines and promoting successful business practices. We extend to international airport which can reach people from all over the world and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We try our best to promote unique food culture in Hong Kong. 

The Group has different brands, introducing new dishes from different countries and regions, providing a wide range of dishes to Hong Kong customers. The brands include Lai Heung Yuen Cafe, Akam Laksa, Auntie 13 Kitchen, Chill Out Chaozhou Cuisine, Jin Gong Guan, Warm Hotpot , a network of over 45 restaurants in Hong Kong.

Our Brands

金記冰室_logo 標誌
Akam logo 亞金南洋冰室 標誌
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