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Warm Hot Pot

With the tiny space in Hong Kong’s apartments, it is difficult for people to gather at home. Warn Hot pot is the great place for you to escape from the busy life, meet friends, enjoy food together and relax. 


Fresh ingredients are sourced daily to ensure the best quality of ingredients. There are many choices of soup base, especially the Pig Stomach with White Pepper Soup is very popular; beef, handmade fish balls, dumplings and mashed cuttlefishs, and the oysters are the all-time-favorite! Enjoy the hotpot with beer!


Another selling point of Warm Hot Pot is the quality of service and the human touch. In addition to affordable prices, the staff interacts with customers and helps "teach" them how to cook the food, with the aim of making every customer feel at home, forgetting their worries for a while and enjoying their moments!

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金記餐飲集團 Kam Kee Catering Group

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